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Waypoint Difference Checker v1.1
[Waypoint Difference Checker]

Find out what waypoints are different between two GPX files.

Do you periodically upload the waypoints from your GPS to your computer, only to forget what the difference is between different files? Do you back up your favourite waypoints, or swap around waypoint files, and want an easy way to see if there's anything important in an old file that isn't present in the current one?

This program allows the user to select two GPX waypoint files and then compares them based on waypoint name, looking for differences in lat/lon, description, symbol, and/or type. The program will report how many waypoints are in each file, how many are identical, how many are different, and how many appear in only one file or the other. Differences are displayed in the text window, and you can output the results as new GPX files as well.

Click on the thumbnail below to view full sized screen shots of the registered program after a completed run.

[Waypoint Difference Checker Screenshot]

The lite version of Waypoint Difference Checker is available for free.

Full Version Registration Code: $0.99

Added features of the registered version:
  • Removes the pop-up 'About' window on program start-up
  • Allows choice of multiple comparison criteria at once.
  • Enables option to list details of identical waypoints in output.
  • Enables option to list details of waypoints not found in both files.
  • Enables creation of GPX files of the result categories (different, identical, existing only in one file)
  • Ability to make changes to the program settings and save them as the start-up default.
  • Ability to change the default size of the Comparison Results window in the GUI (useful for small monitors).

This program is available as part of a software package.

If you have an old version of the program, you can purchase an upgrade licence for only $0.59.

If you're interested in using registration codes as geocache swag, you can purchase licences in bulk at a discount and receive a PDF of printable certificates you can leave in caches.

If you have received a free registration certificate for this specific program, you can retrieve your registration code from the GcSoft Code database.