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PQ to HTML v1.0c
[PQ to HTML]

Quickly view the information in a PQ file as a table in your favourite web browser.

As many avid geocachers know, one of the best perks of being a premium member is the ability to do a PQ and get all the caches in an area, along a path, or filtered by any number of fields. One of the challenges though is easily viewing all this information, especially in a concise form. Different programs exist that can open the GPX file created by a PQ, but some are complicated and may be hard for non-technical people to learn, while non-geocaching related programs may ignore the cache log information that is often of interest.

PQ to HTML is a simple program that will read in a PQ file and output a summary of the information it contains as an easy to view table in your favourite web browser. In the unregistered version of the program the caches are displayed in the order they occur in the PQ, and all the table information is in text form. In the registered version of the program the user has full control over which columns of information are shown in the output table, the results can be sorted based on these fields, and icons can be used to represent the terrain and difficulty ratings, as well as the different log types.

Click on a thumbnail below to view full sized screen shots of the registered program after a completed run.
To view a sample HTML output from a run, click here.

[PQ to HTML Screenshot]  [PQ to HTML Output Screenshot]

The lite version of PQ to HTML is available for free.

Full Version Registration Code: $1.49

Added features of the registered version:
  • Removes the pop-up 'About' window on program start-up
  • Option to use graphic icons to represent the past cache logs.
  • Option to use graphic icons to represent the terrain and difficulty ratings.
  • Full control over which columns are shown in the output HTML summary table.
  • The GC number in the output is also a link to the cache page.
  • Auto-scrolling of the GUI status window.
  • Ability to sort the output by various fields, including distance from a user specified point.
  • Ability to update the program’s default settings.
  • Allows use of IE, Firefox, Chrome, or a user-defined browser to view the output HTML file; the unregistered version can only use the default browser

This program is available as part of a software package.

If you have an older version of the program, your registration code will work for this version as well.

If you're interested in using registration codes as geocache swag, you can purchase licences in bulk at a discount and receive a PDF of printable certificates you can leave in caches.

If you have received a free registration certificate for this specific program, you can retrieve your registration code from the GcSoft Code database.