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Geocoin Logger Assistant v1.5
[Geocoin Logger Assistant]

Cut down the time it takes to discover trackables after an event or day of caching.

If you've ever gone to a geocaching event and written down a long list of geocoin tracking numbers to discover at home, you've probably wished there was a faster way to log them. Geocoin Logger Assistant is designed to help.

This program will read in a list of tracking numbers and output a web page with links to the GC page for each trackable. And don't let the name fool you; it works for geocoins, TB dog tags, and other trackable items.

Click on a thumbnail below to view full sized screen shots of the registered program after a completed run.
To view a sample HTML output from a run, click here.

[Geocoin Logger GUI Screenshot]  [Geocoin Logger Output Screenshot]  [Geocoin Logger Framed Output Screenshot]

The lite version of Geocoin Logger Assistant is available for free.

Added features of the registered version:
  • Option to enter tracking numbers directly into the program instead of creating a separate text file
  • Ability to change the default size of the Information window in the GUI (useful for small monitors)
  • Allows use of IE, Firefox, Chrome, or a user-defined browser to view the output HTML file; the unregistered version can only use the default browser
  • Adds option of using framed output setup to view results
  • Option to add buttons to each trackable to copy its tracking number to the clipboard (IE only) or select it to make copying easier
  • Ability to make changes to the program settings and save them as the start-up default
  • Ability to check bad tracking numbers for known errors, generate intelligent variations, and create an HTML file of the variations to facilitate checking whether one of them is the correct number
  • Ability to save the Manual Number Entry window contents to a file with a specified filename
  • Removes the pop-up 'About' window on program start-up

This program is available as part of a software package.

If you have an old version of the program, you can purchase an upgrade licence for only $0.89.

If you're interested in using registration codes as geocache swag, you can purchase licences in bulk at a discount and receive a PDF of printable certificates you can leave in caches.

If you have received a free registration certificate for this specific program, you can retrieve your registration code from the GcSoft Code database.